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Shelby and Sandy
Shelby and Sandy are nice.
Shelby & Sandy

Shelby and Sandy are two Irvine-born, Los Angeles-based artists (and brothers) who began formally collaborating in 2003. Inspired by pop-art, their work incorporates recurring motifs such as 1990’s cartoon characters, athletes, clouds, pirates and other popular culture references that they loved as kids. Speaking of their collaboration and process, Shelby said  “we will work on a painting until every color is correct, every line is crisp, until we deem it a success. Each painting is a complete 50/50 collaboration.”

Like Kaws early in his career, Shelby and Sandy flipped the script and focused on building an exclusively online collector base without traditional gallery representation. In doing so, they create works directly for their audience of 447k followers and control their own artistic market. Their works are collected and commissioned by notable figures such as Drake, Bradley Cooper, Chief Keef, and Mariah Carey, to name a few.

Otis worked with Shelby & Sandy to commission a unique acrylic-on-canvas painting entitled “Basketball”. This theme around sports is new (in 2019 they produced a piece featuring Tiger Woods) and a customization for Otis. The work focuses on the importance of basketball in American culture and highlights the iconic professional athlete, Michael Jordan.

The Artist
New Wave
Co-own the work of two early-career artists who sell directly to their audience of 447k on Instagram.
Notable Collectors
Collectors include Drake, Vanessa Hudgens, Mariah Carey, Chief Keef, and Bradley Cooper.
Brand Collaborations
The duo has worked with Under Armour, Disney, and Warner Bros.
International Presence
Works have been exhibited with G.Gallery in South Korea, and Avenue des Arts in Hong Kong.
Primary Work
Commissioned directly from the artist’s studio as a one-of-a-kind piece.
Drop Details
Acrylic on canvas
54 x 78 in.
Acquired From
Shelby & Sandy
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