Otis lets anyone own shares in contemporary art, sneakers and collectibles.
We work with reputed and trusted partners including prominent galleries, collectors, auction houses, and directly from artists.
We file an offering circular with the Securities and Exchange Commission to offer it publicly.
Otis creates high-quality videos, editorial content, and investment decks, so our members learn about each cultural asset.
Our members can buy shares for as little as $25.
Each cultural asset is put on display in public spaces all over the world.
If we sell the item, you can gain a potential return if the sale price is higher than the price at which you bought your shares.
Why Otis
    We analyze financial, industry-specific, and social metrics and have internal pricing models to support decision making.
    Otis retains an ownership interest in each drop, which means we invest alongside you and our incentives are aligned.
    We do all the work of sourcing, analyzing, securitizing, maintaining and storing the cultural assets.
Our Criteria
  • Cultural SIgnificance
    We invest in creators and assets that align with the values of our generation. We consider factors like social following, place in pop culture, and support from prominent tastemakers, collectors, and institutions.
  • Quality supply
    We choose assets that we see as rare, limited in number, or one-of-a-kind, with demand far exceeding supply. We consider indicators like sell-through rates and realized prices exceeding estimate at auction.
  • Authenticity and condition
    We partner with reputed sources, which provides comfort around authenticity. We pair this with category-specific diligence checklists, and only acquire cultural assets that check the boxes on our condition thresholds.
  • Price and return potential
    We analyze metrics like short and long-term historical price appreciation, frequency of sales, and liquidity to get comfort on the historical performance and potential for future returns. We also aim to purchase at or below fair market value to preserve return potential.
  • supportive macro trends
    We analyze the industry landscape and macro trends within our categories to identify broader themes that affect the market for our assets. Examples of this include market momentum indicated by a marked increase in average prices, and signs of an undervalued cultural asset, revealed by a comparison with comparable artists and works.

How does an Otis investment work?

Investors select an Otis asset and acquire fractional interests that represents an indirect ownership interest in that asset. Otis handles all operational responsibilities of the asset including insurance, storage, maintenance, transportation, and custodianship.

How do I make money on Otis?

When you purchase shares in an Otis offering, you invest in an LLC which owns a specific asset, such as a painting. If the value of that asset rises, so does the value of your shares. It is our goal to curate assets that will appreciate in value over time but there is no guarantee we will meet this objective.

What are my liquidity options?

There are three primary ways in which you may have liquidity.

We're developing a platform for you to buy/sell shares. It is our expectation that this system will be in place in 2020. There is currently no public trading market for our Interests, and an active market may not develop or be sustained.

Asset Sale
While we intend to hold for the long-term, we will poll for your opinion whenever we receive a legitimate offer, and the net proceeds of any sale will be distributed pro-rata to you.

Cash Flows
If we find the right opportunity to generate revenue from the asset (e.g. loaning the work for display), any cash flows will be distributed pro-rata to you.

Can I see the assets in person?

Otis will host pop-ups and events where you can come to view your assets at our dedicated gallery space at 47 East 3rd Street, New York, NY.

Have more questions?
Our team is here to help with any questions related to investing with Otis. Check out our FAQ or reach out to us directly at