Otis lets everyone invest in alternative assets. Download the app to get notified for upcoming drops.
01 Curate
We acquire high-quality assets and issue shares with the SEC.
Otis retains North Capital as its registered broker dealer to operate in 50 states.
02 Drop
Through weekly drops, we offer fractional ownership to our members. Invest as little as $25 to get started.
All our assets are stored in an institutional-grade art storage facility at UOVO Fine Art in Orangeburg, NY.
Items are put on display at public spaces all over the world.
All assets are insured by Aspen American Insurance Company. Otis insures all assets both during transport and during storage.
We are backed by a wide range of venture capitalist firms and financial services institutions.
We are backed by a wide range of venture capitalist firms and financial services institutions.

How does an Otis investment work?

Investors select an Otis asset and acquire fractional interests that represents an indirect ownership interest in that asset. Otis handles all operational responsibilities of the asset including insurance, storage, maintenance, transportation, and custodianship.

How do I make money on Otis?

When you purchase shares in an Otis offering, you invest in an LLC which owns a specific asset, such as a painting. If the value of that asset rises, so does the value of your shares. It is our goal to curate assets that will appreciate in value over time but there is no guarantee we will meet this objective.

What are my liquidity options?

There are three primary ways in which you may have liquidity.

We're developing a platform for you to buy/sell shares.

Asset Sale
While we intend to hold for the long-term, we will poll for your opinion whenever we receive a legitimate offer, and the net proceeds of any sale will be distributed pro-rata to you.

Cash Flows
If we find the right opportunity to generate revenue from the asset (e.g. loaning the work for display), any cash flows will be distributed pro-rata to you.

Can I see the assets in person?

Otis will host pop-ups and events where you can come to view your assets at our dedicated gallery space at 47 East 3rd Street, New York, NY.

Have more questions?
Our team is here to help with any questions related to investing with Otis. Check out our FAQ or reach out to us directly at