Sell With Otis

Otis provides investors with a transparent investment experience and believes that selling assets with us should be equally transparent. Additionally, we offer sellers competitive prices and the option to retain partial ownership, ensuring fair transactions and the alignment of interests. Please feel free to submit any cultural assets you are interested in selling, with a minimum value of at least $5,000

How It Works
Request evaluation
Submit your asset through our submissions form for one of our experts to review.
Receive a competitive offer
We’ll appraise your asset using our detailed list of criteria.
Fast turnaround
We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 days.
Why Sell With Otis
No fees
You keep 100% of our offering price.
Partial ownership
In select cases you can sell us a percentage of your asset while keeping the rest.
Fully Managed
Otis will assume all regulatory and marketing responsibilities for the asset.
About Otis

Otis is a platform that allows almost anyone to invest in cultural assets—from contemporary art to rare collectibles, sneaker grails and more. Naturally, the first step of this process is acquiring assets.

While we source from some of the top galleries and auction houses, we also seek to acquire from within our community. As Otis seeks to become the leading exchange for cultural assets, we believe our community's participation will be invaluable to this mission .

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